skylight roof

Let it rain with a skylight roof

 Those of us who live our lives in northen Europe often think, that we get way too much rain. It always rains when it is supposed to be summer, and even in places where it is supposed to be snowing in winter, skies are often filled with water rather than those white, fluffy snowflakes that open up ski slopes and make kids have fun building snowmen and having snowfights.

 “Bloody English weather”, you often hear the Brits say. And yes it rains in the UK, but the amount of rain depends a lot on where in Britain you live. In London precipitation averages around 580 mm a year, while in places like the Lake District, some places in Scotland and Wales, it can pour up to 3.000 mm a year. So we agree that the British weather is ‘bloody’ if you happens to not like the rain.

 The Danes are not too fond of rainy weather either. They continously complain that it rains when it is not supposed to during their very short summers. Same goes with its neighbour Sweden and these two Scandinavian countries receive around 700 – 800 mm rain a year on average. Norway is even wetter, receiving more than 3 times as much rain as their Scandinavian brothers.

 Stay dry with a skylight roof

But at least most of us northerners, have comfy houses that let us stay dry of the wet weather. There are companies like Vitralthat provides us with safe solutions of roof glazing and rooflights, that brings daylight into our houses even though it pours with rain outside.

 But before we grumble too much about our wet weather, we should not forget that there are places around the world that see more rain that we probably thought was possible. In India, for instance, a place called Mawsynram, located in the Meghalaya State, is the wettest place in the world, with an annual rainfall of 11.870 millimeters. The large volume of rain is caused by the Himalayas Ranges blocking heavy clouds’ escape to the North.

 Other places around the world, like New Zealand, southern Chile and the highlands of Colombia in Southamerica, also receives great quantities of rain that makes our European rainy days seem almost trivial and out of comparison. Beautiful Hawaii is no exception, these islands are lush and green for a reason, and places like Maui and also Kauai receive up to 10.000 mm a year.

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